The problem is the problem, the person is not the problem.

-Michael White and David Epston

Because I believe that each individual and their experiences are unique, I tailor therapy to meet your specific needs and goals. Just as significant heartache, pain, and loss are born in the context of relationship, so too is healing, hope, and change. My hope for you is that therapy will be a safe relationship where you can experience that healing process. Together, we will explore areas where you feel stuck and discover unhealed emotional wounds. We will jointly connect patterns and stories from your childhood to the person you are today.

My work is dedicated to facilitating your growth, helping you to develop enriched relationships and a healthy, meaningful and satisfying life. Our first sessions will be us getting to know each other, to build trust and a sense of safety. Then we begin our work.

My individual therapy practice includes (but is not limited to) treatment for the following:

  • anxiety, including social anxiety
  • self esteem
  • trauma, abuse
  • relationship difficulties
  • grief and loss
  • personal growth
  • perfectionism
  • work/life balance
  • substance use disorders
  • caregiver stress/burnout
  • compassion fatigue
  • family of origin healing

If you don’t see your circumstance or symptoms listed please give me a call at 206.852.7783, we can discuss what you are experiencing and if I’d be a good fit for you.